Thanks so much for coming here to get to know me!

I was trained as an Occupational Therapist and worked for a number of years in clinical practice, before deciding to return to school to pursue a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. My clinical and research passions are centred around assistive technologies which improve quality of life for people with functional limitations. I particularly love new and emerging technologies, especially those which can make a real difference in someone’s life.

If you take a look at my Education page, you may notice my undergraduate background in International Development Studies. Although I didn’t go on to pursue this academically, it reflects my desire to contribute my skills globally. I have been fortunate to travel to volunteer or work in Ghana, Thailand, Haiti and Nepal as a teacher or volunteer Occupational Therapist, and am now involved in the World Health Organization’s Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) initiative and several other World Health Organization initiatives, as well as ongoing work with the Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Organizations (GAATO). My consultancy and facilitation work includes projects with governments, non-governmental organizations, organizations of persons with disabilities, and universities.

In addition to my clinical and research work, I spend my ‘free’ time volunteering for a variety of causes (check out my Service section!), travelling, developing my photography skills, and enjoying the outdoors through hiking, skiing, and cycling. If you’re curious about any of these, head to my Contact Me page and get in touch – I’d love to share what I’ve been up to!